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Welcome to H2 Oh!


It's been a great story.

It's been full of challenge, joy, excitement, confusion, frustration and absolute passion throughout.

H2 Oh Baby! was born out of my desire for other women and whanau to have the opportunity to fall in love with labour, birth and everything beyond.

I still feel deeply passionate about providing every opportunity for wahine in Aotearoa to fall in love with their babies and through a positive birthing experience to feel empowered to parent consciously and proactively from conception.

However, I am no longer the right person to carry this mantle, and my fabulous business partner Sacha, also needs to simplify her commitments. 

H2 Oh Baby! deserves to continue to be nurtured and developed, but I have spent the last couple of years neglecting this and doing only that which is necessary to keep it breathing. This means the business has learnt to survive on air alone.   Business ticks over just fine and more than pays the bills, but decisions need to be made now regarding ordering another shipment of pools, and we are not the ones to drive this. The climate for having babies is ever changing and the opportunities are better than ever as women get it that they do have choices. 

I trust that someone out there will fill the gap which the absence of H2 Oh Baby! will create, and that women in Aotearoa will continue to be entrepreneurial and committed to making birthing a 'normal' part of life.

Orders online will continue to be filled, up to, and including, Monday 31st October, while stock is available - beyond that - Sorry :-\


Carla and Sacha

p.s. Our TummyTalk magazine is still touching lives with its stories and information, but relies on you to help us to share it around the country.  Please contact us to inquire about great bulk order deals.