H2 Oh Baby! & H2oh Revive!

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H2 Oh are proud to introduce you to TWO amazing product offerings:

H2 Oh Baby - For all parents desiring a water birth entrance to the world for their wee baby!  - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  Click on H2 Oh Baby to read more!

H2 Oh Mindful - is Fear holding you back from having the birth you want?  it's very normal to feel this way, but we can help you with tools to become a powerful birthing force, who knows and trusts her body, and her baby.  Combine this with your desire for a water birth for an extra special experience. 

Personalised to YOU, to help you work through what holds you back, to release fears and prepare for a birth that you both work powerfully through.  I'm right her for you, and would be honoured to support you in the journey.

"A beautiful birthing experience begins with a mind that knows it is possible".  

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us - we LOVE to chat with our customers!.  follow our action on our Facebook pages     H2 Oh Baby 

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS - we would really love to help educate other Mums considering water birth options, but having an extensive Gallery of photos of how our pools have been used.  

We would be SUPER grateful if you would consider sending in a pic to us - please email to [email protected]

Tested and Proven

H2 Oh Pools and products have a strong reputation for being quality and reliable

Comfortable and versitile

None of this single use business, these kits have wide variety of uses, with each item re-usable

Personal Friendly Service

Its our pleasure to support you in your decision making, and to get your product to you a.s.a.p