Oh Hey Pretty Mama


Congrats on that beautiful baby you are growing!

I am so thrilled you are exploring water birthing.

I have been where you are now, so I know you will be doing your research – weighing up birthing options, finding the best way to introduce your bundle of joy to the world. If water birthing is right for you, then let h2 oh baby help you realise a safe, natural, wonderful water birth.

We have proudly supplied New Zealand midwives with safe, affordable, hygienic and comfortable birthing pools for more than 15 years.

Birthing Pools

Our premium-quality, yet versatile and affordable inflatable birthing pools and accessories are trusted by midwives and women throughout New Zealand.

Safe and hygienic, they create a calming, comfortable space during labour – we have the right birthing pool for you!

We are here to give every woman the opportunity to experience the calming comfort of water birthing!

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The Deluxe Package

If anyone deserves to be spoiled, it’s you – you’re growing a whole new beautiful human inside you for goodness sake! Our Ultimate Birthing Kit has everything you need for a safe, natural and comfortable water birth, plus a little pampering along the way.

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Goodie Bag H2 Oh Baby Birthing Pools

Is a Water Birth for you?


Why I chose a Water Birth

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