H2 Oh Baby! & H2oh Revive!

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The Blessed arrival of a new life

The birth of your baby - what a truly beautiful experience this can be.

One ponders the birth of her child from the moment she discovers she is pregnant.

Every day, she counts down the days until the arrival of her new baby, imagining not only how he/she looks, but how this wee darling will enter the world, grow into the world, and what he or she will make of their world.

Here at H2 Oh Baby, we believe firstly that every woman should have the opportunity to experience birth in a positive manner.  Where they can look back on their birth feeling satisfied that everything possible was done to provide the best start for their baby and their family.

We believe and know from our own experiences that water can create a wonderful space to birth your baby during an uncomplicated labour.

We believe and know, that a mother who births in water senses pain in a lesser manner, can feel more calm and retain better birthing focus - which buys time for a natural labour to progress without unnecessary intervention.

Having the choice to birth in a pool and if you wish at home, should be an option made available to you by being:

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to set up before the due date
  3. Comfortable and easy to move within (including a support person)
  4. Hygenic
  5. Strong enough to handle vigorous labours

We believe that the arrival of a new baby is just the beginning of a wonderful journey through life - it goes beyond birthing, but begins by setting the journey on the right path.

We look forward to hearing how your birth went, how you and baby are doing and how your wee one grows!