H2 Oh Baby! & H2oh Revive!

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Our Story

H2 Oh Revive

Realising there was more...

This opportunity to use our H2 Oh products to support the nations sports people is VERY exciting for us.  We are a hugely sporty family and realise undoubtabley the benefits that our family have received as a result of post sport soaking.    Using Epsom salts in our post sport treatment we believe has really spead up and transitioned our recovery smoothly.
We have also used Therapeutic Grade Essential oils which we also regard very highly!    

What you get;

This kit offers you all you need to inflate, fill, enhance, and enjoy your recovery experience, and to exit and empty safetly also.   We can supply either a screw tap fitting (like an outdoor hose tap and hose fitting, OR, a suction fitting.   We welcome feedback so please share your thoughts!

Sportsmen recommend water recovery therapy

Where everyone has their preferred method of recovery post sports event, we have had remarkable feedback from teams in particular, about the effectiveness of a poo bathing session where recovery and team debrief become one.
We recommend taking in over 1 litre of water whilst bathing in these pools, especially when using epsom salts for enhanced recovery