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Our terms and conditions

Recommendation and duty of care

We strongly recommend you have your kit 30 days prior to your due date, as babies can come early, and you need time to test your product.  Please note we DO NOT open  the pools between receiving them from our supplier and then providing them to you, as we are not prepared to risk contamination in any way for our customers.   So please do consider arranging your package in good time.   Please note we recommend you product test your pool, by blowing it up to the recommended guidelines, and taking time to check all seams, all air pockets, the plugs and the floor of the pool.   Sometimes faults happen, and we are happy to work through this with you, however leaving this too late to test, means we may be unable to meet your time requirements for a replacement if its all been left too late.    Please be sure to keep the free patch that comes with the pool,

Returning a faulty pool is a requirement of return of goods, as it means we can evidence to our supplier what the issues were. however, when are aware of the geographical challenges, therefore may waiver this for adequate evidential photos.


1) Your product will be packaged and dispatched within  working days of receipt of your order payment.   

2) payment can be made with cash (if collecting) by internet banking (usually shows next business day) or PAYPAL which accepts credit card payments

Packaging and Delivery

1) H2 Oh  will use all reasonable endeavours to make delivery at the time advised, but if for any reason delivery is delayed, H2 Oh will not be responsible for any loss or damage sustained by you or any third party by reason of such delay.

2) Delivery is estimated between 3 and 5 working days by the courier if island to island and 2-3 working days if same island (same island)

2) The risk in product supplied by H2 Oh will pass to you on dispatch of the product from H2 Oh premises.  If damaged in transit you will be able to claim via courier company.  H2 Oh are happy to provide a valuation to support your claim.

Faulty Goods

1) H2 Oh strives to supply quality products and warrants them accordingly. At its sole discretion, H2 Oh  will either repair or replace any products which fail because of demonstrable defects in materials or workmanship. Only the faulty product concerned warrants replacement, not the kit in its entirety.

2) If the pool:

a) has been inflated according to the instructions provided;

b) is not maintaining air pressure over a 24 hour test period;

c) has not been in contact with any water

Then H2 Oh will  offer firstly to provide a leak patch, and or if this does not support the issue, then H2 Oh, will replace your pool at no extra cost.  Please retain your faulty pool for us to sight.

Unused Goods

1) If the H2 Oh kit remains complete and unopened and due to unforseen circumstances is no longer required, application may be made in writing to the supplier for a refund.

This will be awarded at the discretion of the directors of H2 Oh, incurring a $25 administration fee and return cost at the purchasers expense.  Unused goods, in a complete UNOPENED state, warrant a 60 day right of return from purchase date guarantee.    

Pre-used Goods

1) If you have not purchased the kit in its entirety from H2 Oh  there is no contract at all between us therefore no responsibility of any suggestion will be accepted by H2 Oh.   We strongly advise against sharing of products. If you do so, you do at your own risk.


1) Subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act, H2 Oh shall not be responsible to the user for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property arising from the pool and related equipment or its use. The user indemnifies H2 Oh against any claim arising from the use or possession of the pool.

2) H2 Oh does not recommend or condone re-use of the pool and shall not be responsible to the user for any infection or other effect arising from any such re-use. The user indemnifies H2 Oh against any claim arising from such re-use.

3) The user indemnifies H2 Oh against any claim arising from failure to comply with any rules and regulations regarding fencing of pools


1) Any disputes concerning these terms and conditions that cannot be resolved by negotiation in good faith between the parties shall be determined by mediation or, failing that, by arbitration.

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