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"A positive birthing experience begins with a mind that knows it is possible".  
In 2017  my husband and I were honoured to be able to purchase H2 Oh Baby, a nationally recognised Birth Pool Kit supply business that has been serving Kiwi Mums for more than 13 years!
What an honour and a privilege it has been to be a part of some of the most precious moments in a parent’s life, the planning, preparation, and finally the birth, of a new, treasured wee soul.
We are often asked what drove us to purchase this business.  It’s simple – my best birth experience of the four births I had, was in water, and in fact in an H2 Oh Baby pool, at home, in our bedroom, whilst our doting family supported from afar in the lounge.
I was awake at 4am, slept on the couch on and off, and knew that our moment was pending.  This was my darling’s first child, my third blessing.  He trotted off to work like an excitable energiser bunny at 5.30am, and said he would await my call in the next few hours……   I went and coached/reffed my daughters netball, with all the Mums there telling me I was in labour and really should go home ;) … nope, I wanted to keep moving.
Nana came and collected my two children, and I went home to prepare dinner, “rest” and most importantly waddle and clean.  It was a lovely time, just positioning myself mentally, getting my surrounds how I wanted them, and taking some time just for me.  After lunch I was feeling like things were picking up, and by afternoon tea time (I remember everything by its association to food lol) I was starting to really rock and roll.  It was nearly time to meet our baby.
It was a cold winters evening, but I was so warm, so calm, and so mentally prepared.  I had spent time studying the benefits of mindfulness in labour and birth whilst pregnant.  My sister arrived to keep an eye on me, the room was all prepared and smelling lovely, and the time came for my sister to text my hubby…  “it’s time to come home Daddy”.
That 15 minute trip took the energiser bunny some 8 minutes to get home….. 
Scott took charge, filled the pool, checked temps and covered it ready for action.   Within 20mins, I was able to enter the most lovely warm and comfortable pool, - I lay in a million different positions between contractions finding my favourites spots.  I was amazed with the kindness of that water during my contractions, I lowered myself into the water and with the help of acupressure, my body responded with reduced pain.  Every surge was one closer,  Every breathe was an invitation to my baby to take the journey to our arms.  It was quiet, and magical, - Scott was in the pool with me… everything was as it should be. 
I was amazed how little I doubted myself and my body’s ability to do this.  My first birth was very fear based, and I feel I almost worked against the surges, not allow them.  My second birth I knew what was coming, but just could not relax into owning this journey.
This was different.  I realised I had this… I owned it, and It was us, my baby, my hubby and I, together, making this moment the best it could be.
The moments between the surges were moments of peace and solace.  I engaged at a very spiritual level with baby, sending messages of being loved, and welcome, and wanted.  Telling baby that we have this, and that we have nothing to fear because we are doing this together….. and then there he was……..   there was the face of an angel… Daddys little boy…  our miracle.
I lay back in the pool whilst he snuggled in with a little grizzle and the family all came in to see this brand new, still connected baby.   The kids were so excited, and Scott’s eyes ‘leaked’ significantly.  I remember commenting in the endorphin bliss I was in, that the birth was really easy and I could do that again!   
We named him whilst we remained warm and connected in the water.  His siblings stroked his head and back whilst he has his first feed.  What a magical time of connection, and deep connection that remains to this day.
3 years later our baby girl was due, and we too planned a water birth for her arrival.
But my body had other ideas, and with a surprise heart condition I birthed in ICU which was far from what I expected with wires, and birth beds and rhesus equipment!.  
But I want to share something with you…  I imagined the water surrounding me, that the mattress I had pulled on the floor was the padded base of our amazing pools and that the soft movement of my husband’s soothing hands was just like it was in the water last time…. And I made it – we made it – and Lexi arrived safetly, quietly and gently just like I imagined.
The thing is, mindful water birthing changed the way I perceived birth.  All fear, even in the scariest of moments where my life may have been at risk, disappeared.  I knew we had it – we knew we had it.
Would it be odd for me to say I recommend every pregnant lady consider using water in their labour and in their birth? –  because I’m also the sales person for the very business that provides such amazing products…. But it’s the truth, I do recommend it – I would shout it from the rooftops in fact!
Mindfulness and Water free’d my fears, and opened my mind to how birth can be, and now I am able to share that with you, to support you through your fears and inhibitions to help you create the birthing mind set you desire.  
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A positive birthing experience begins, with a mind that KNOWS it is possible and now I am able to share that possibility with you.

Im here to help.  Lets do this