H2 Oh Baby! & H2oh Revive!

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Customer Testimonials

...Dont hesitate, a great investment helped so much with pain managment and enhancement of that personal space a labouring mum needs. Easy to set up instructions - wonderful.

Nicola Scott, Waitara

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

...The pool was great! The bumps on the bottom were perfect for pushing- gave me something to support myself against.  I loved having the fish on the side- so sweet and lovely- appropriate for birthing a baby!  It  was a wonderful birth- my first child born at home with all my family  present.  A little boy 3290gm (7lb4).  All going well.  Thank you for the wonderful start- I don't know how women birth without water! The shower in early labour was amazing- but I just couldn't wait to get in the pool once things really started- and it  was perfect. So thank you!

O Doonan, Marlborough

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd